Amy L. Lansky, PhD

Academic Background

Ph.D., Computer Science, Stanford University, 1983.
M.S., Computer Science, Stanford University, 1979.
B.A., Mathematics and Computer Science (summa cum laude), University of Rochester, 1977.

Professional Experience

2003 -- 2011; Secretary and Executive Board Member, National Center for Homeopathy.
2004 -- 2007; Homeopathic Consultant, practicing in Mountain View, California.
2003 -- present; President, R.L.Ranch Press and RuLabinsky Enterprises, Inc.
2001 -- 2005; Executive Board Member, California Health Freedom Coalition.
1998 -- 2000; Co-editor, The American Homeopath, Journal of the North American Society of Homeopaths.
1995 -- present; President, Renaissance Research.
1995 -- 1998; Consulting Associate Professor, Stanford University, Symbolic Systems Program
1989 -- 1995;Senior Computer Scientist, Artificial Intelligence Branch, NASA Ames Research Center.
1984 -- 1989;Computer Scientist, Artificial Intelligence Center, SRI International.
1983 -- 1984; Computer Scientist, Computer Science Laboratory, SRI International.
Summer 1980; Summer research intern, Computer Science Laboratory, Xerox PARC.
Spring 1980;Teaching fellow, Computer Science, Stanford University.
Summer 1979;Software engineer, Zilog Inc.
1977 -- 1983;Research assistant, Computer Science, Stanford University.
Summer 1976; Research assistant, Applied Mathematics, Weizmann Institute, Israel.

Professional Honors

Nominated for Fellow of the American Association of Artificial Intelligence (1994/95).
Hertz Foundation Fellow (1980-1983).
National Science Foundation Fellow (1977-1980).
Stoddard Prize in Mathematics, University of Rochester, (1977).
Wilson Scholar, University of Rochester
Phi Beta Kappa

Research and Professional Work in Consciousness

In 1996, Amy Lansky was inspired to write a paper on the notion of consciousness as an active force that can be used for not only perceiving subtle information and wisdom, but changing the outer reality that we all experience. Entitled Consciousness As An Active Force, it became widely linked on the internet and eventually published in the Noetic Journal in January 2000. In 2005, Amy Lansky began meditation studies with Gary Sherman and Ellen Miller. Ultimately, these studies inspired her to write a new book based on her 1996 paper. It was published in September, 2011 -- Active Consciousness: Awakening the Power Within. Since that time, Lansky has written invited papers on the topic, including for the Institute of Noetic Sciences and the magazine Tathaastu.

Research and Professional Work in Homeopathy

In 1998, Amy Lansky left her work in computer science to pursue her vision of bringing an awareness and understanding of Homeopathy to the American people. The impetus for this was the homeopathic cure of her son's autism, as well as several subsequent healing experiences she has witnessed and experienced.

In 1996, she became a student of The School of Homoeopathy, Devon, England, from which she earned a Foundation Certificate in 1998. Lansky has also studied with several prominent homeopaths. These studies include intensive clinical studies with Louis Klein (for which she was awarded a certificate of completion of the Homeopathic Master Clinician's course), Sadhna Thakkar, Misha Norland, and Simon Taffler, as well as workshops given by Rajan Sankaran, Jan Scholten, Alize Timmerman, A.U. Ramakrishnan, Janet Snowdon, and Jeremy Sherr. Lansky practiced as a homeopath from 2004-2007.

From 1998 through 2000, Lansky served as co-editor of The American Homeopath, the journal of the North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH) -- an organization that represents professional homeopaths in the United States and Canada.

In the spring of 2001, Lansky help to start (and became an executive board member of) the California Health Freedom Coalition, an organization that sponsored and passed SB-577, the health freedom bill that legalized the practice of unlicensed forms of alternative medicine in California (passed September 2002). In October 2001 she testified before a California State Senate hearing on the benefits of alternative medical treatment, with a particular focus on the homeopathic cure of her son's autism.

In 2003, Lansky published an introductory book on Homeopathy for the general public: Impossible Cure: The Promise of Homeopathy. It quickly became a best-seller and is now one of the leading introductory books worldwide, translated into several foreign languages (German, Greek, Arabic, and Czech). It is used widely as both a patient education book and as a textbook at homeopathic schools.

In 2003, Lansky was also elected to the board of the National Center for Homeopathy in Alexandria, Virginia. In 2005, she became Secretary and Executive Board Member of the National Center, a position she held until she left the board in 2011. During her time there, she was instrumental in revamping and redesigning the organization's extensive web site.

Over the years, Lansky has become a leading figure in homeopathic medicine. She has spoken at several conferences, including: Autism One, the National Vaccine Information Center conference, and the Annual National Joint Homeopathy Conference. Her articles about homeopathy have appeared in the Mercola Newsletter and Mothering Magazine, she wrote a column for the Society of Homeopaths newsletter (UK) for four years, she hosts a monthly radio show (There's Hope With Homeopathy!) on Autism One Radio, and she serves as an invited expert on homeopathy for several online forums.

Research and Professional Work in Computer Science

For nearly twenty years, Amy Lansky was an active computer science researcher. She is most well known for her work in artificial intelligence, an area of research focused on endowing computers with the ability to emulate human reasoning. Her work at both NASA and at SRI International had application in the space shuttle program, NASA's Earth Observing System, and at Grumman Aerospace. She also served as a consulting associate professor at Stanford University for three years, as part of their Symbolic Systems program.

Lansky's primary area of expertise within artificial intelligence was planning and scheduling -- i.e., the construction of programs that are able to create complex activity plans. Her work was applied to building-construction tasks and to image processing for satellite imagery. Lansky was also a leading researcher in the area of reactive planning, in which pre-constructed procedures are applied in dynamically changing environments. Her work in this area was used for handling fault diagnostics for the space shuttle and in robotics applications. Her paper with Michael Georgeff on this subject, Reactive Reasoning and Planning (AAAI 1987), won the AAAI 20-year Classic Paper Award in 2006.

As a graduate student at Stanford, Amy Lansky's thesis work involved developing a new methodology for representing the semantics of parallel programming languages and for proving the correctness of such programs. Her method was based on a novel use of temporal logic. During her tenure at Stanford, she also worked as a summer intern at Xerox's Palo Alto Research Center, where she helped develop one of the first prototypes for remote procedure call, a technique which enables computers to run programs on remote machines.

Lansky also chaired and served on the program committees of numerous conferences and workshops. These included several conferences sponsored by the American Association for Artificial Intelligence, NASA, and the 1994 Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing. She also served as a reviewer for many journals and organizations, including the Artificial Intelligence Journal and the National Science Foundation (NSF). Lansky was the principal investigator on several government research grants sponsored by NSF and NASA. She was nominated to be a Fellow of the American Association of Artificial Intelligence in 1994/5.

Publications, Books, Technical Notes

Amy Lansky is the author of a comprehensive book on depth consciousness, Active Consciousness: Awakening the Power Within (2011). She is also the author of a best-selling introductory book on homeopathic medicine, Impossible Cure: The Promise of Homeopathy (2003). This book has become a best-seller worldwide, has been adopted by several schools as a text, and has also become the patient-education book of choice for many homeopaths. It has been chosen for translation by several foreign publishers, with editions in German, Greek, Arabic, and Czech. For more information about Lansky's media appearances, visit her homeopathy book website or her consciousness book web site.

Lansky has also authored dozens of scholarly papers in computer science, most of which have appeared in peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings. She was also co-editor of a book that continued to sell copies after many years in publication, Reasoning About Actions and Plans, Proceedings of the 1986 Workshop at Timberline, Oregon.



Instruments: Piano, Voice, Drums, Guitar.
Composer of several piano and vocal works.
Former lead singer of "Not Dead Yet" -- aka "The Wizards" (oldies R+B group).
Qigong, meditation, Reiki.
Swimming, equitation, martial arts.
Needlework, photography, watercolor, acrylic.